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This Frequently Asked Questions page is designed to answer some of the common day to day enquiries about the removals process. Please scroll down the page, or click on a link below to go straight to the relevant section:

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Feel free to call us or complete our removals enquiry form if you require expert removals advice or simply want a free, no-obligation quotation for your home or business move.


Q: Do Northovers offer liability cover during a move?
A: Yes – your move with Northovers is fully protected during your move AND while your contents are stored with us. Northovers itself does not sell insurance, as some removals companies do. We have considered how you would like us to deal with your move and believe that:

  1. You would want us to carry out your removal / storage in accordance with the service specification that we agree with you.
  2. You would want us to look after your goods properly, and treat them as if they were our own.
  3. You would want us to accept responsibility in the unlikely event that we lose or damage your goods during the removal process.

And that’s exactly what we will do – we accept responsibility!

Removal companies who offer to sell you insurance must be regulated to do so, and they have to channel some of their resources into being compliant with the rules of regulations. They normally accept very limited liability under their contract. Rather than accept responsibility themselves, they prefer to sell you insurance. Frequently, the insurance that they offer is subject to an excess, which means typically that YOU pay the first £25 or £50 of any claim!

We do things differently – Northovers accept responsibility under our contract!


Q: How do I arrange a free no obligation home survey?
A: Simply contact Northover’s today to speak with one of our removals experts. We’ll be happy to quote you over the phone if it’s a basic home removal (of course, we’ll have a few questions to ask you), or we’ll gladly arrange an onsite visit to your home or offices should it be required.

Q: How long does the quotation process take?
A: We normally require 2 weeks notice from our initial quote to initiating the moving process. Please bear in mind that it is advised to contact removals companies at least 4 weeks before the intended completion date.

Q: Does Northovers employ its own staff?
A: Yes. Northovers is committed to training staff to a greater level than the removals industry in general – to minimise risk for our customers, ensuring their furniture and equipment arrives in the best possible condition.

Q: What is your coverage across the UK?
A: Whilst we do emphasis a localized, ‘community-orientated’ service for customers moving in or from Hampshire, Surrey, Sussex or Berkshire, we do indeed cover the whole of England, Wales and Scotland with our own specialised removals vehicles. Wherever you are moving to or from in the UK, we’ll offer you a first-class removals service at a competitive price.

Q: What about removals to Europe? What other services does Northovers provide?
A: Additional to our nationwide coverage, we are specialists in household and business relocation to Spain, France, Portugal & Germany, too. Whilst these are the most popular destinations for our customers, we’re not limited to where we can relocate you: we can move you virtually anywhere in the world in conjunction with global partners.

Essentially, we specialise in two key areas: domestic to or from the Home Counties – Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Sussex and Greater London – and removals to Europe: principally Spain, France and Portugal. Here’s a summary of our services:

Q: What questions do I need to ask a removals firm?
A: Naturally, we like to think we’re among the best at what we do. We’re certainly dedicated and passionate about providing the best level of service. But we are also objective and realistic – we appreciate that you’ll likely shop around for the best quote. Whilst our removal services are very competitively priced, we believe that price should not be your only concern.

Obviously, you are entrusting these people with your prize possessions so it is well worth being diligent. Here’s a list of questions we recommend that you consider asking any removals firm…

  • Customer care – enquire about the removal company’s level of customer care that they promise you: their storage facilities (especially important if something goes wrong during a move – e.g. if move in dates change), their history and reputation, and their ability to deal with the appropriate documentation for a move abroad (if required).
  • Liability – what liability cover is offered during your move?
  • Reputation – ask about the company's history. Are they a British Standards Institute company?
  • History – how long have they been established? Are there staff fully trained? What is their quality policy?
  • Logistics – ask about the logistics of the move and what they do to anticipate problems before they arise. What time will the removal vehicles will arrive? What is the estimated time to finish loading up? How long will the move take?
  • Security – does the removals firm have 24-hr security?
  • Storage – does the firm have secure, temporary accommodation? Can you have direct access? Read about Northovers self-Storage and archiving solution here.
  • Documentation – when moving to Europe, it is especially important that your removals firm handle or at least give good on completing European custom forms. This is especially important moving to non EU countries, e.g. Switzerland. What restrictions the country you plan to move to have. Is the quote inclusive of all charges i.e. UK and destination port charges and destination customs and quarantine clearances? Will your electrical goods work in the country you plan to emigrate to?


Q: Do you specialise in home moves?
A: Whilst most of our moves are for homeowners moving within, or to, Hampshire Surrey, Berkshire and greater London, we offer a localized service whilst ensuring we cover the UK and Europe for homeowners moving further afield. We have a strong alliance of removals partners that allow us to facilitate any requirement or logistical challenge.

Q: Once we’ve agreed terms, how long do you advise we allow for a move?
A: Again, we would need 2 weeks notice: this is generally the time frame between exchange and completion. We can accept provisional removal bookings to keep the days you want, subject to confirmation.

Q: I am moving house. How can I avoid getting stuck in a chain? Temporary renting of a property can break home-moving chains.
A: Homebuyers can sell their property and rent for a few months while they find their new home, putting their furniture into temporary home contents storage which Northovers can provide. It is a good option to consider as it saves you being forced into a quick decision with very little choice of properties.

Most vendors will prefer to sell to someone who can proceed with the move immediately, because it removes the uncertainty factor. Keeping out of a chain, if at all possible, puts you in a much stronger position to get a great deal.

Increasing numbers of people are using Northover’s secure storage to break chains; for some it has sped up their move by several months: for others, it’s is a godsend when the property move was interrupted by unforeseen circumstance, and there was nowhere within easy reach to store their contents, that were otherwise en-route, at such short notice.

Don’t get caught up in the old-fashioned idea that furniture and property storage is damp and dirty. Let us reassure you that this is no longer the case! Northovers has several secure storage warehouses where each damage-proof crate is stored in a clean, dry and safe environment. The position of each container is recorded by computer, so it can be quickly located and presented to the customer at short notice. Your contents are safe in storage with Northovers.


Q: Does Northovers provide secure dedicated storage?
A: Yes – we have three dedicated self-storage warehouses in Hampshire (Aldershot, Petersfield and Farnborough, within easy reach of the A3, M3 and M25 motorways). Please read here to read more about our secure self-storage facilities.

Q: We’re running out of space in our office. Do you offer commercial document storage?
A: For those businesses requiring secure data and document archive storage (for important legal documents & files, etc) we also provide secure data archive storage. Read more about our Hampshire-based archive and data storage facilities here


Q: Do you facilitate commercial removals?
A: Yes. Although most of our customers require domestic household removals, Northovers is fully equipped to handle full business relocations, either within the UK or to Europe. Read our commercial removals page to find out more…


Q: How long does the process take? What is the cheapest option?
A: Essentially, we offer a two-tier removals service: one where the emphasis is on speed, the other where your removals budget is more important. For smaller loads, we also offer a consolidation service where we can co load your effects with other customers, helping to keep the removals costs to a minimum.

Q: Can I move my car to Europe?
A: Each country has different regulations and so can work out to be prohibitively expensive to export a vehicle abroad. However, some countries are less stringent and for classic or expensive cars, it may be your best option. If you are unsure, check with a specialist car shipper who will be able to give you more advice.

If you do take your car abroad, you must notify the DVLA if you are taking your car out of the country. If you are currently in possession of a V5 registration document, completing section C to show the intended date of export and a Certificate of Export (V561) is then issued by the Department instead of a V5 registration document to enable you to register your vehicle abroad. To obtain a Certificate of Export you will need to complete the appropriate section of your V5 registration document and either return it to Export Section, Vehicle Customer Services, DVLA, Swansea , SA99 1AG , or make the application at your nearest DVLA Local Office. However, you must remember to do this 14 days or more before export. If you are currently in possession of a V5C registration certificate, you will need to notify DVLA of export using the V5C/4 (notification of permanent export) slip from the V5C. You may then take the remainder of the V5C to the new country when the vehicle is being exported.

If you are not in possession of the V5 or V5C, you will need to apply for a V5C registration certificate using form V62 which is available at the Post Office or over the internet. When the V5C is then received, you should send the V5C/4 (notification of permanent export) slip to DVLA and take the remainder of the V5C to the new country to re-register.

For more information please visit the www.dvla.gov.uk and download their information leaflet.

Q: Can I move a boat, motorbike or any other large, heavy item?
A: Yes, we have specialised trailers and lift equipment to move small boats, motorbikes and most vehicles.

Q: Are there any restrictions on what I can move abroad?
A: Whilst you are packing, dispose of any items which may have restrictions on them in certain countries. Each country has different rules and restrictions so please check with the customs department of your destined country. However, most countries will not allow you to import the following:

  • Narcotics and drugs
  • Hazardous items i.e. fireworks, toxic or poisonous substances
  • Plants and vegetables
  • Alcohol (subject to duties). Check if your private wine collection will be allowed to go to your new home.
  • Meats and meat products
  • Dried Flowers, bulbs and seeds (including pine cones).
  • Firearms, ammunition and explosives.
  • Weapons i.e. swords, knuckle-dusters, spears, flick knives.
  • Pornographic material

We can of course send you a comprehensive country profile and country by country customs regulation guidelines over the internet.


Forms of payment
North Overs accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Cheque - please allow enough time for cheques to clear
  • Bank transfer
  • Debit cards
  • Credit cards (subject to handle charge imposed by credit card company)

Feel free to call us or complete our removals enquiry form if you require expert removals advice, or simply want a free, no-obligation quotation regarding your home or business move.

  Moving abroad? Northovers also specialise in removals to Spain, France & Portugal.

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